A Message From In The Treetops Baby Boutique!

Our children are our greatest passion, we cherish our planet and don't have money to spare as most families can relate. This combination  is what got us interested in cloth diapers, as we started using cloth diapers we realized that with all of the options that are available there really isn't any reason not to love using cloth diapers.

We found that there is an over abundance of information most of which was hard to distinguish fact from opinion. As a result of this we decided we wanted to help other families determine if cloth was right for them and to help them get answers to their questions along the way. That is why we started In The Treetops Baby Boutique.

As our family and babies grew, our priorities and focus has changed. In this new chapter in our lives we have shifted our focus from babies to the health and wellness of our family.

We hope you find the information on our sites to be useful and we welcome you to ask questions if you would like more information.

~Amanda & Jeff Mathews
If it isn't good enough for our family, it isn't good enough for yours!