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"It's ok to feel intimidated or overwhelmed. And it's ok to keep a pack of sposies.  Find an awesome group of supportive *and helpful* moms that won't judge and lean heavily on them as much as you need to. CDing should be fun, not stressful."  Jessica S.

“It is only poop, it washes off!! You're supposed to dump solid waste/poop form disposable diapers too, most people don't, and don't realize you should.” Amanda C.

“You don't have to worry about doing it all the time, even part time cloth diapering will save money and help the environment.” Jennifer A.

“Like anything worth doing, there is definitely a learning curve with cloth diapers! Be patient and realize that there are times that you're going to ask yourself, "What did I get myself in to?", but after a while you become a pro and have a solution for any situation.” Deanna P.

“Get several small wet bags so you can do cloth diapering on the go, it's not hard and no need for disposables! I have a wet bag with cloth wipes already wet and then a wet bag for the dirty diapers after a change.” Shelley G.

“Once someone asked me "where do you put the poop??" I said "in the toilet. Same place you put yours!" and it was like a thousand light bulbs went off. Of course poop goes in the toilet and not the trash!!” Gina C.

“Don't settle on one style of CD without trying a few others! Pockets, fitteds, hybrids, flats, AIO. Get to know your washer's settings really well! Read the manual/research/play around with different washes, water levels and cycles!” Leslie W.

“Cloth diapers are great for mopping the floor, too.  Not so much advice, but I would tell people it's easier than you think. One of my mom's friends was sure I wouldn't keep up with it, but the current styles of cloth diapers are just as easy as disposable and they're very cute.”  Tamara B.

“Don't stock up on just one kind. Explore the different types and figure out what you like first.” Rachel M.

“The sun is your new bff! It'll work wonders on stains and its free! Also by cloth diapering for 2 years you'll have saved almost 6,000(!!!!!!!) diapers from ending up in landfills.” Tiffany G.

“Take advantage of the sunshine!! It's a natural bleach and will bleach out any stains that you may have on the inside of the diapers! Much better for the PUL lining as well as it helps to prolong the life of the diaper...PLUS...you save money by not using the dryer!!” Elizabeth D.

Keep an open mind when starting. My hubby told me there was no way I'd keep it up but I am now proudly a full time working full time cloth diapering mama. Fleece liners are my best friend.  By the time the poop gets home from day care it pretty much falls off the liner.  My daughter was the first cloth diapered at her day care but they love it and say it’s easy and want to try it with their kids now.” Melissa B.